2021 Q3
Metaverse virtual world game website is online, METAX token private sale is launched, NFT smart contract code is submitted for review. Production of mapped virtual items, NFT is transferable or tradable.
2021 Q4
The public beta version of the game is open to NFT holders Land assets on the chain can be auctioned and transferred, the virtual building Mint NFT can be auctioned and transferred, online in-game chat and community
2022 Q1
Game custom role and perspective switch The development of the player task system is completed, METAX token reward activities for active players, and the nft trading market for virtual assets in the game are opened.
2022 Q2
The first version of MetaverseX is on the shelves, the first player design and construction competition is held, the official game information is available for download, and the item auction smart contract 2.0 is launched on BSC
2022 Q3
Publish custom props and level design tools, start to repurchase the transaction cost of the destroyed tokens, and provide players with tokens as collateral for automatic dividends Start the nft blind box extraction activity in the game, and submit the project to Apple Store and Google Playay Store